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Amazing moment a half-blind cockatoo solves a difficult guessing game

Amazing moment Popeye the cockatoo solves a difficult guessing game – and he even overcomes a disability to do it

  • Sydney man filmed the moment a clever cockatoo wins his guessing game
  • Footage online shows the bird correctly figuring out where peanuts are hidden
  • Chad Ajamian filmed the moment the cockatoo solved the visual guessing game 

A clever cockatoo has been filmed correctly guessing where a handful of peanuts were hidden after being presented with two blank cups – pecking on the one hiding his free meal. 

Footage posted to YouTube shows the wild native Australian bird playing the difficult game while a mate looks watches on a balcony in Sydney on November 22.

Chad Ajamian, who filmed the problem-solving bird, named the cockatoo ‘Popeye’ because he solved the task despite having sight in just one eye.

A clever white cockatoo has been filmed solving a guessing game on a Sydney balcony, finding the peanuts under two cups

Mr Ajamian told Storyful the wild cockatoos visit his balcony every afternoon and have been doing so for the last year.

‘We call the one who got the nut Popeye. He’s blind in the eye that he is squinting, but he’s easily the smartest,’ he said. 

‘He’ll even sometimes sing, fluff up, and dance for us to feed him.’

He had previously tried playing the game using two different coloured cups but the birds were still able to figure out which one had the peanuts. 

Social media users were impressed with the birds smart behaviour.

‘They are great birds, can be very cheeky and live up to 70 years in captivity,’ one Facebook user wrote.

, Daily Echoed

, Daily Echoed

Footage posted online shows the native Australian birds playing a shell game on a balcony of a Sydney home on November 22

‘They’re amazing in Australia watching them in their natural environment,’ another commented.

Others found they weren’t as smart as the birds in the video.

‘How did I get it wrong and a cockatoo get it right?’ One user questioned.

‘Oops, I got it wrong,’ another said.   

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