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Family and friends search for N.B. writer Richard Vaughan | CBC News

Friends and family spent Saturday searching Fredericton for New Brunswick writer Richard Vaughan.

They put up posters to raise awareness about his disappearance. 

“I think for a lot of members of the community, they were very concerned about Richard being missing,” said Jenna Lyn Albert, who helped organize Saturday’s search for Vaughan.

“This is all a way of feeling like we’re helping and gives us a chance of finding information that would help find Richard.”

Fredericton police posted on social media on Tuesday that the 55-year-old author was last seen the day before on Aberdeen Street.

The police don’t suspect foul play, but would like to locate Vaughan or verify that he’s safe. 

Albert said volunteers met at the Fredericton public library on Saturday morning and about 20 people went out from there to search. More were expected to join the effort in the afternoon. 

The search will focus on the city’s trail system and some places Vaughan spent time, like UNB. Volunteers will also put up posters in the city’s downtown, uptown by the mall, the north side and along the trails. 

Vaughan was last seen Monday on Aberdeen Street in Fredericton. (Joe McDonald/CBC)

Albert is the current poet laureate for the city of Fredericton. She met Vaughan when he was artist in residence at UNB and has been working with Vaughan on an anthology of queer writers from New Brunswick. 

“He also emceed a few events that I took part in and his bubbly personality and charisma was immediately noticeable,” said Albert. 

“He’s not only an important part of the writing and artistic community. He’s a crucial member of the queer community here in Fredericton and across New Brunswick.”

 Albert said it’s been a stressful past few days. 

“I think there has been a lot of anxiety for those who are seeking Richard out, wanting to have answers, and we’re just trying to ease some of that anxiety and rule things out by doing some searching,” said Albert.

Volunteers will be at the library until 5 p.m. and Albert expects people will continue to search after that. 

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