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Family of Allan Landrie disappointed Sask. Party leader won’t answer call for public inquiry | CBC News

Family members of Allan Landrie say they’re disappointed Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe failed to answer their call to launch a public inquiry into the search for their father. 

The family still has questions as to why their father’s body would go undiscovered in a locked bathroom for more than three days after he took his own life at Royal University Hospital.

The family says a public inquiry into the search would get them answers about inconsistencies between the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Saskatoon Police Service, and examine why their father was turned away from hospital so many times before his death.

During a campaign event on Friday, Moe was asked if his party would commit to a public inquiry if re-elected. While Moe offered condolences to the family, and said the entire province is grieving with them, he did not say he would not call for an inquiry. 

“In saying that, on the process of this, there is a process that is in place where the coroner will do his investigation,” said Moe. “He’ll determine whether or not he will conduct first, a coroner’s inquiry, and may recommend a further inquiry beyond that.”

Landrie’s youngest daughter, Tammi Bryan, said Friday she was disappointed by Moe’s answer.

“We’ve been kept in the dark, even when we’ve tried to get answers, and that was very disappointing to hear Scott Moe, I guess, just brush it off,” she said.

“There’s never going to be a good time. We want this to happen.”

Moe said he didn’t know if an inquest has taken place, but that he respects the work the coroner’s done and he has faith in the process. He said to comment further during an election campaign would be inappropriate.

“I most certainly feel for the family,” said Moe. “We do have faith in the process that we have with the coroner and we respect that process.”

A coroner’s report on Landrie’s death said that while “all reasonable search efforts appear to have been made,” there were factors that resulted in his body not being found sooner.

Under the Public Inquiries Act, the Lieutenant Governor in Council may call an inquiry on a matter they consider to be of public interest. They then establish a commission, which has the power to subpoena witnesses and evidence.

Saskatchewan Party leader Scott Moe offered his condolences to the Landrie family during campaign event on Friday, Oct. 16, 2020, but he would not call for a public inquiry. (Saskatchewan Media Pool/CTV )

Bryan said Moe’s refusal is another layer of frustration in an ordeal where the family has been “disappointed at every turn since the beginning.” She saisd she doesn’t believe Moe is up to date on the case and feels he’s trying to “pass the buck.”

On Friday afternoon, the Saskatchewan Coroner’s Service said in a statement it has completed its investigation into the matter and provided its findings to the Saskatchewan Health Authority back in May. The report included recommendations that have since been accepted by the SHA.

Vicki Mowat, incumbent NDP MLA for Saskatoon Eastview, said NDP would work to get Landrie’s family the answers they need if elected. 

She said that would start with working with the Saskatchewan Coroner Services to launch an, noting if that didn’t find the answers the family was looking for, the NDP would work with the family and the Saskatchewan Health Authority to make sure “that the family is put first in this situation.” 

“This is certainly a provincial government responsibility,” said Mowat. 

“Allan Landrie died in a provincial government facility so the family has the right to ask those questions and I think Mr. Moe has a responsibility to provide some answers as well.” 

, Daily Echoed
Allan Landrie, seen here in his younger years, tried to save his family from trauma when he took his own life, travelling to Royal University Hospital to ensure his body was found quickly and by people who were accustomed to death. (Submitted by Tammi Bryan)

Allan’s son, Mike Landrie, said he’d like to ask Moe why the Landrie family has been left with so many unanswered questions for so long. 

“Why do we not have any answers? We need answers. We want answers. We have to have answers,” he said. “You can help us get the answers or not.” 

The family gathered in Saskatoon for a small memorial honouring Allan this past weekend, but said they’re afraid they won’t be able to heal until they have the answers they need.

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