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For almost a year, an unknown telecom left a mess on the boulevard. Then Bell stepped up and finally did the right thing

Good news can be a long time coming, when two utilities point at each other about the detritus left behind after an installation job.

As surely as the sun shall rise, somebody’s street is being dug up today to facilitate installation of fibre optic cable, to improve internet and cable TV service.

Everybody wants better service, but it comes at the price of local disruption from digging so many holes in boulevards and even lawns, a process that has slowly worked its way across the GTA over several years.

Bell and Rogers have done a reasonable job of managing the disorder, but sometimes they drop the ball, as was the case on Shaughnessy Boulevard, near Sheppard Avenue and Don Mills Road.

Terry Stanichevsky emailed to say he tried to get Bell or Rogers to clean up a mess between the sidewalk and curb on Shaughnessy, but they played hot potato with it.

“Last November they were upgrading to fibre optic on our street and there were Bell and Rogers trucks working,” he said. “When they finished we had an ugly looking spot on the boulevard,” near his house.

Winter had already settled in, “so I waited for spring to call and asked to have the spot cleared so we could keep the grass cut and neat. Rogers came and said ‘Sorry it is Bell Canada. Nothing we can do.’

“Then I called Bell and they came and told me, ‘sorry it is Rogers.’ I said Rogers already said it is Bell, they left and did not fix it.”

He said his next call was to 311, which resulted in the city dispatching a guy in a truck. “I went over and asked, ‘Are you here to fix this?’ He told me, ‘I am only here to pick up the litter from it.’”

I checked it out and found a utility well with a cover that said Bell on it, in the middle of tumbledown plastic fencing. I also found a beat-up pedestal box with wires hanging out of it just a few metres away, which Stanichevsky had mentioned. It looked like it was inoperative and should be removed.

STATUS: I emailed Bell and got the following reply from spokesperson Jacqueline Michelis: “We’re not sure which company was last working on that part of Shaughnessy Boulevard, but our team was out today to clean things up and put down some new sod. We spoke with a resident and she was pleased with the restoration. The nearby pedestal, shared by Bell and Rogers, is still in use so our team fixed that up as well.”



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